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New Lego road plates as hangar / landing ground ?

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Hi there

Just wondering if someone here has used the new Lego road plates as hangar or landing ground for SW ships instead of tiles...

I just got the shuttle tyridium and I own a small army of stormtroopers (50).

I was thinking about buying these new road plates, put the shuttle on it and add regular plates on the sides to put the stormtroopers with the emperor's arrival.

I don't know if it's a good idea and if it would be cheaper than covering baseplates with 2x4 tiles...

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Posted (edited)

16x16 ~ $2{"color":85,"iconly":0} and you need 4 2x4 tiles to fill the holes and some more to connect the plates.

8x16 ~ $1.40{"color":85,"iconly":0} only 2 2x4 tile for filling

Tile 2x4 ~ $0.10 2 x 4&category=[Tile]#T=S&C=85&O={"color":"85","iconly":0}

32 tiles needed to cover 16x16 and you need plates to put the tiles on. It's definitely a lot cheaper to use the new road plates. For me that sounds like a very good idea. And you can mix the roads with plates/tiles for ground patterns. And you can do other thrings with the roads instead of just filling the holes with tiles. And you can use them as walls.

Heck, i bet it will not take long and someone uses them as hull plating for capital ships.


Scroll through this article, someone already used them for a hangar floor AND walls.

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Thanks for your advices :)

i didn’t know they were already available on BL ;)

i almost ordered the full set while i don’t need street light etc


good to know i can order only the parts i need

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