Story of Ava, chapter 3

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Chapter 1 is thereChapter 2 is here

Chapter 3

Once, Ava left our house to scratch one more name from his list, it was the sixth or the seventh. Well, I can't remember well, it was so far from now...

He left after borrowing a carriage from a neighbour of ours. He was supposed to come back within three days, however after the fourth day, he was still missing... When he reached home again on the sixth day, he told us that on the way back, he had a problem with an axle of the carriage and had to stop in the nearby town with a stable where the smith can repair. He didn't want to give back the carriage with a wheel broken...

The village where he stopped is not so far from here and is well equipped. The stable even have an attic where they can store the hay surplus.








Extract from the memories of Achille, woodman of Mitgardia


You surely recognise the roof technic... Please do not hesitate to comment. I clearly need to improve the backwall (not pictured), but it will have a special thread on it later. I am still missing pieces so I "filled" more than really build it. Thanks to the medieval forge, I can now start build a little more...

The textures is also a focus I need to have in future build. I will try to improve this one if he survive my kid play test.

The awning is very fragile because I added it after building the left part of the stable... I was about to rebuild but it hold so I didn't touched it finally.

I like the drinker for the horses but I find it a little crude.

In the end, I would like to propose it for the phase 2 of stable for the Age of Mitgardia event.



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I must say, that's a really good reuse of the parts from the recent Medieval Blacksmith set.  It looks like it's related to that building but isn't simply a clone of it.  Good work!

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The pump and the sloshing water is my favorite part of your MOC.  I also like all the little pieces of farm equipment, animals and flowers/plates about the stable.

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Nice work!  Your builds are coming along.  I like the use of the blue Nexo shields to make the somewhat sway-backed roof, and the cheese slopes for the awning.  Nice detailing on the building corner, both with the stone and the wooden pillars.  The pump is excellent, and I really like the closeup of the wagon.  I like your tree better than the one that comes with the Medieval Blacksmith set, too.  Nice work, and I am enjoying reading Ava's story!

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