[MOC] 42095 Alternative Build "Beach Racer"

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Welcome to another alternative model of the LEGO set  42095. It's surprising the flexibility this set has, which allows the creation of very different models.
This is a three-wheeled beach race buggy, powered by the two l-motors available on the set, each one drives one of the front wheels, allowing the vehicle to go forward, backwards, turn left or right, and do 360º spins; talented drivers can also do drifts.
The design is simple and aerodynamic, it has adjustable windshield and rear spoiler; side doors that  can be opened as well as the small trunk behing the driver's seat. Other small features include a non-functional steering wheel, side mirrors, engine exhaust and small headlights.
The cockpit serves as cable management for a clean look and the battery pack is very accessible if you need to quickly change batteries; the IR receiver is disguised as the driver's seat.
The fun factor of this buggy is high and obviously tied to its uncommon three wheels configuration which will require some level of skill to drive.

Building instructions available on Belle-Ve Bricks


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2 hours ago, Ivorrr said:

Interested in seeing how it drives

It's page on rebrickable has a quick video showcasing it. Requires some level of skill, no doubts there, but once mastered, it's very rewarding.

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