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[Esl-FB] The Terraversa Crab Basket Part 2 : Diner at Edwina's

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The Terraversa Crab Basket


Part 2 : Diner at Edwina's


In case you've missed the first part of this story : Here it is.

Felipe de la Manzana had to be involved in the Terraversa matters since he was back from his quest. The chase for the Golden Apple would wait !

Coordination and orders had to be given and there were only one man to do it in here in Elysabethtown : Felipe himself !

He was joined by Basil at Edwina's, the new tavern in town


Edwina is a brave girl from the MAESTRO tradition ! She can cook an apple pie fastest than her shadow and is able to serve dozens of cider bocks without spilling a drop !




Felipe welcome Basil and invited him to sit :

- Have you had a proper diner my friend ? No ? Come... Come... have a seat.

- I am bringing you bad news Felipe said sadly Basil. Our friend the Archduke Oldis flew from Kings Port and is now retreating towards the north in Pamu. Lady Condora is over there helping the wounded but I am not sure they could hold a siege ! You have to intervene !

- Arrrh ! Yes ! You're right ! It is a difficult situation...

Felipe paused and after a thought continued :

- I will have to need all the support I can engage ! Basil ! Tell me ! Are our Ténotlaxcan friends ready to use firearms ?


- Yes Felipe ! We taught them well ! They are ready ! But they don't want to wear our uniforms; they are arguing the best outfit for battle is their primitive one ! I don't understand why they are so stubborn on that !

- Don't argue with them ! We have no time for that ! Hire them with any outfit they want I don't care as they can raise fire weapons !

- Alright ! I'll hire them... And what about their special forces ?

- Special forces ? asked Felipe intrigued.

- Yes the special weapon Zumo de Kapaya showed you in Zum'heria...

- Aaaaah ! Those special forces ! Yes ! Yes ! Bring them too !

And Basil left Felipe finishing his diner at Edwina's following the mysterious order of the mysterious apple leader...


How the Ténotlaxcans could help ?

And who are those special forces ?

Let's hope the war in Terraversa will find an issue before it gets worse !

The tavern will be licensed in Elysabethtown as a large Commerce.

Thank you for reading !


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I really like how you transformed the Barracuda Bay's base sans ship with adding that cute building!

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Interesting story. Eye-catching design it would also look very good next to "New settlers in Ceniza Bajo".

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Good story, and interesting use of parts. The Rowboat roof is not a use of parts I've seen in a while. 

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Very nice one from you, love how you've put the remainder of BB to good use! Very cosy tavern and surrounding. Your classic vibe gets me everytime :)

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