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Eslandola Colonial Council, 621, IN SESSION

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I must admit. Quietly said Dr Ayuda. That those economic measurements are not what I was expecting. It appears an economic sanction would not be very efficient against Oleon.

I am afraid we don't have another solution than defend our Terraversan friend and make its Kings Port capital back. The attack on this particular port is a real attack against our economical interests ! He sadly finished.

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Agent Gilles Guelds awoke and listened attentively to the conversation for a moment before speaking (an unusual proceeding on his part).  But as soon as he had processed Governor Guilder's proposition the fire came into his eyes and he leapt up to his feet. 

"War, war, war!!!" he exclaimed.

Willoughby pulled him down into his seat and whispered for a minute.

"Ah, okay - no war but we can attack Oleon whenever we want?" he shrugged.  "Sounds like a fair compromise to me," he grinned.  "Count on my vote, Governor!"

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