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[COR-FB] Return of the Count pt. 3

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Location: Mesabi Landing

Type: Royal Collab
Part 1

Part 2

It was a fine day in Mesabi Landing...

From the third floor window, the Count peered down at the gardens of his luxurious mansion. Darby walked in panting. 


"Uh, Count, the meeting is about to start! And I got lost trying to find you!" Said Darby, exasperated. "How many rooms does this place have?!?"

"Well Darby, I'm disappointed you didn't use a ball of twine to make sure that you didn't get lost." Said the Count. "That's what Thesus did, and he got the girl!" 


Just hurry up, Mordo is waiting!" Muttered Darby. 

Down 2 flights of stairs the pair hurried, before finding themselves next to a curtain of water.

"Just through this secret passage into the Garden!" Exclaimed the Count. He lept into the water...


 and emerged on the other side. "Mordo! Good to see you!" Said the Count. "I arrived as soon as it would be dramatic to do so." 


"Mesabi," Mordo growled. "There's business to discuss. Business of invasions."


"waaagh!" *Spash!* Darby slipped and fell into the river. 

"And now that we're all here, we can begin. Thanks for keeping us waiting, Darby..." said the Count. 


The Count removed a large knife, and began gesturing to the map. "So, Fatu Hiva. Oleon's furthest settlement. Here, they are far from the hope of ever being saved by the Oleander crown."

"Uh, sorry Count. Now Fort Altrees or Jiangkai is technically the furthest away Oleander Settlement." Said Darby. 

"Wait really? How $#$#@ing long were we doing other things?" muttered the Count.

"Too Long!" growled Mordo. "Now let's hear the plan."


"Ok, so they have 2 forts. One big one, and one small one. We don't want to confuse them!" Continued the Count. 

"Uh, Count, there's someone watching us." Said Darby, gesturing to the mysterious cloaked gentleman hiding n the garden.

"That's just the WTC Inqui-" began Count Mesabi, before Mordo slapped a hand over his mouth. 

"Ahem." Said Mordo in a more grave tone than usual.

"Ah, yes, that's a, uh, 'garden' person." finished Count Mesabi. "Stop staring, it's rude!"

"Continuing," said Mordo


"So, we send a fleet of WTC ships, attack from the west flank, destroying the forts with our overwhelming firepower. We then land the WTC Rising Sun, the WTC Copperhead, and the WTC Seriously to land divisions A, B, and C on the beach." Said the Count.

"Ok..." replied Mordo

"We then use a pincher maneuver to land the rest of the troops in an epsilon formation... Darby, are you jotting this down?" Asked the Count. 

"Was I supposed to?" asked Darby. "Also, my paper got soaked coming out of the waterfall!"


"Ok, you know what, we'll just go over this when we're on the way."

"What's Tony supposed to do?" Asked Tony, with a suave smile.

"Can't have him stealing my glory..." muttered the Count, "Hey, I know, why don't you go take out Ile le Sous le vent!"

"Can do, Mr. Mesabi" Said Tony, in a cool voice. "That island is as good as dead!" The WTC marines scattered, mostly following Tony.


"Alright, let's load up everyone." Said the Count. "Time to do what one rowboat couldn't...."


Thanks for viewing my conclusion! I spent more time on this build than I planned. Originally, it was supposed to be a pond surrounded by terraces, but I liked the idea of a river, and then added a waterfall, and well, I ended up doing one of the sides of the house. 

This build will be part of my builds to put a royal palace in Mesabi Landing, but I have quite a few studs to go, so we'll circle back on that later! 

I also would have liked to have added more greenery, but unfortunately, it seems that most of my plants are in storage. I think this turned out nice as is, however. 

The doors are probably the weakest part of the build, as I added them late in the build, so they're a bit underdone, but not bad looking in my opinion. 

I got the custom printed "Hand punching out of earth" bricks from my mum at an art gallery. I'll try to link the artist if I can find it. It's very thematic to my style, so I've been meaning to use it forever, and I think it looks amazing here.

Why does the Count have a waterfall built into his mansion? Why wouldn't the Count have a waterfall built into his Mansion. If your character was smart, they'd have a waterfall built into their mansion!

Views of the entire build:

I hope you all enjoyed my build and story! C&C appreciated! 

Edited by Mesabi

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That waterfall is really getting to me.  Why have I never built a waterfall into a mansion before?  Must not be smart enough... :pir-laugh:

I also like the subtle off grid of the 2x2 jumpers, and nice use of those large stickered pieces too! 

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A great and funny story with lots of photos. The waterfall is a good idea and looks amazing. I like the construction of the building and the doors match it. The garden with the different plants is a nice change and a bridge to it always looks good.

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I always enjoy your stories, keep them up!

Your building skills have developped a lot since you joined here, so keep that also up :D

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Yeah, what a nice one !

Wonderful waterfall, especially in a house :pir_laugh2:

Nice details and technic used... a great one for sure.

I'm waiting for the whole palace !

And I love this "garden man" :pir_tong2:



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