[MOC] The Guard Dogs

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With every growl, a castle protected. With every bark, a hooman saved. Without our fierce and furry defenders the world would be a dark, scary place. Gratitude to all the gud doggos of the world.

@Evensong and I worked together to create this vignette of our doggos Oliver and Dutch. They protect us from every person taking a walk by our house, from the mail man delivering a package, and every dog that dares to sniff our grass. Without them, we would be defenseless, helpless to help ourselves. They see themselves as the defenders of their castle and we love them for it, even if we find their barking somewhat tiresome.

Check out more from us (Midwest Builders) on Instagram and Flickr.


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Delightful concept, and well done.  The gear for the dogs looks great, and the wall is a nice backdrop with lots of excellent details!  :classic:

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Aww :pir-love: They look like such sweet dogs! So proud of themselves!

Yours isn't the first really well-done dog MOC I've seen recently, and I hope it's not the last either. I'm here for it! Love the wall too, especially the creeping ivy.

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