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The Deep System: Boxrunner

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Please forgive the shameless self-promotion.

You may remember the novel-like prose of my entries. Playing AG gave me a chance to write and to learn. My characters (some of them) were ported in from a story I was working on before I joined AG. Unsurprisingly, it was also inspired by 90's multi-faction lego space and so there was a degree of overlap that made it easy to do that. As I played AG, however, my characters and story both evolved - my main character was a brunette until she became a minifigure for AG - now I can't imagine her without that distinctive red hair.

After AG, some of my new characters and ideas ported back into my story too and finally (I know, it's taken a while), my first full novel is finished.


Some of my AG chapters adapted straight into the early portion of the book; I first used the phrase 'Boxrunner' in my AG work.

The book is at 'second draft' stage. It isn't published and I am seeking some beta readers who are willing to sit down and give it a proper read and then offer some feedback. I think it would be right to open that to the AG community who gave me such encouragement when the game was running.


It's available in ePub format if you have Apple Books or some other suitable reader. If you would like to read it (and really will give it a good go), please message me and we will make arrangements.


So a thank you to everyone who played this game. I learnt so much (and had fun) and my characters than I love and have invested so much time in would not be who they are without having been to Andromeda first.


And as you would expect, a lot of the spaceships in the book have designed with Lego. : )




And yes... Yseult still has an attitude problem, ; )

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"When all else fails...  Build a spaceship." lovely quote! I see that you are not new to this small scale, and I love your designs! Very inventive with the limited amount of parts from Lego. 

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