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[REVIEW] #75298 AT-AT vs Tauntaun

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Set information

Set Name: AT-AT vs Tauntaun

Set Number: 75298

Number of Pieces: 205

Theme: Star Wars

Year Release: 03/2021

Prices: £17.99 / $19.99 / €19.99 (Euro prices may vary)

#75298 on Brickset

#75298 on Rebrickable


Packaging and box content

The box of the set is the usual size for double Microfighters. On the front we can see both models and the two minifigures, while the back shows the few play features and another scene.



The box contains two numbered bags and two instructions manuals, one of each for each microfighter. I was so eagr to build the cute Tauntaun that I totally forgot I had to take this picture...




The set comes with two minifigures: an AT-AT pilot and Luke Skywalker in his Hoth outfit. The AT-AT driver is the same that comes with set 75288 AT-AT (sw1104), while Luke's minifig is new.





As usual, the set comes with two numbered bags and two instructions booklet, one for each Microfighter. That allows to invite a friend or family to build together, or organize a small building contest!

The AT-AT build looks nice, with its printed 2x1 slope on the head. The designer corrected the leg problem that was present on the older AT-AT microfighter, which caused the legs to fold when you pushed the pilot down to sit it. My only criticism is the AT-AT's forehead which have a step that recess from the two 2x2 dishes on the sides.


A comparison shots with the 75075 AT-AT microfighter shows that the newer one is missing the flickfire missiles from its predecessor.



The tauntaun is so cute!


The saddle has clips on each side to attach the binocular and the lightsaber. Note that in the instructions, the lighsaber is attached with it's blade on, which may be dangerous for both Luke and the tauntaun.



Both Luke and the AT-AT pilot come with a stud shooter blaster and a binocular. Luke of course also has his lightsaber.



The spare parts are worth mentionning as the set provide an extra pair of Tauntaun horns.




Minifig: 9/10 - Two nice minifigure, one exclusive.

Builds: 9/10 - Both builds are great, and the Tauntaun looks especially cute.

Price: 9/10 - With a ppp of 0,097€ and two minifig, one of which is exclusive this set is a must have for me.

Overall: 27/30 (90%) - A great Microfighters set with a great brickbuilkt Tauntaun.

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Wow, this is such a cool set!!

One of the coolest microfighter sets.

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Thanks for the review! This is definitely one of the best micro fighter sets.

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As much as I love the moulded Taun-Taun I much prefer this brick built model, couldn’t say the same about the dewback from 2019. Never been the biggest fan of the microfighters but the sets do their job, providing us with a nice cheap way to get some desirable figures. Love that they’ve been using these two packs to bring some of the creatures of Star Wars to life, the Bantha/Skyhopper pack was one of the best sets of last year imo. If these creatures continue, like everyone else I want to see a Blurgg and Boga.

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I really want the Taun-taun mould, not a brick-built Taun-taun, as I am not entirely sold on these brick-built Star Wars animals/creatures. The previous one with the Bantha looks horrendous, but I guess this one is better.

IMHO, find the AT-AT cuter also.

Sadly, as others had mentioned, the repeated minifigures is unfortunate but I can see that it is also a great way to build some army of these guys using this small set.

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Love the printed tile on the AT-AT. And I'm thrilled that Luke's head printing looks so clear. I'll definitely be picking this set up.

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Surprising lack of projectiles in this set

I'm glad there's an extra set of horns, even if they're the wrong color I have a Wampa who is missing his.

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