motorized, Lego 76023 Tumbler, Remote Controlled Batmobile with power functions

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Hi folks, I made a motorization for the good old big Batman Tumbler,
if youre interested, seems to be the only one out there,
the instructions and details are here.


  • full front suspension with moving swing arms (those big things in the front that hold the wheels, like in the movies)
  • Power Functions servo motor steering system, nicely hidden so you won't see it through the windows or in the front
  • what's more powerful than an L-engine and faster than a XL-engine? Right, two L-engines! This motorisation retrofit is fun!
  • Differential for the back axle, with those big wheels you will need it
  • all gears run stable, no cracking
  • suspension for the back axis using springs of the same size as those pseudo springs from the original set
  • a retractable roof (no separate roof parts like in the original)
  • a few other small modifications to make it look a bit closer to the original and make it more sturdy not to lose parts while working
  • very stable frame


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