[MOC] Alert: Condition Black

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"Are you tired of ordinary warp drive? Do you live in the 32nd century and aren't even capable of warp travel? Transwarp, soliton wave, quantum slipstream is beyond your means? Then I have good news for you:


  • is biological
  • is blink & you miss it fast
  • has been made in the golden age of engineering

>> Spore drive <<  - Black alert!"

ST: Discovery is not my favourite Trek show. But I do really like the USS Discovery. It's based on a design by Ralph McQuarrie - yes, Ralph "I did all the famous Star Wars designs" McQuarrie.

I've already seen great Discovery MOCs in different techniques, like with stacked slopes or tiles . So I tried something new for the secondary hull, I haven't seen yet: the smooth cheese slope ramp :cry_happy:

Turned out, the angles matched pretty well with the original model! Just had to connect dozens of headlight bricks and make all sturdy enough, that the nacelles don't drop... :wacko:

The saucer section was a different story though... but despite all the difficulties, it's one of my favourite builds by now :wub:

50929326771_03a478c196_c.jpgUSS Discovery building set by keineAhnungBonzo, auf Flickr

50929326431_68a1fcae6a_c.jpgUSS Discovery by keineAhnungBonzo, auf Flickr

50928640518_1bbbbaffb7_c.jpgUSS Discovery by keineAhnungBonzo, auf Flickr

50929326476_9f505676a6_c.jpgUSS Discovery by keineAhnungBonzo, auf Flickr

50928640698_f0d157c408_c.jpgUSS Discovery by keineAhnungBonzo, auf Flickr

50929326631_09dcd57924_c.jpgUSS Discovery by keineAhnungBonzo, auf Flickr

50929427307_d1cdd3dab5_c.jpgDISCO Crossfield Class by keineAhnungBonzo, auf Flickr

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Looks great! The box is certainly one of the nicest I've ever seen. :laugh:

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