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Less changes in the last days. Soon after the previous photos I made the stairs going to the next floor:


(grey parts along the steps will be replaced/completed by white parts that will arrive soon)

And the ouside wall (party wall) on the side which is already finished:


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On 6/27/2021 at 5:50 PM, antp said:

I see that I forgot to take a picture after having done the doors of the WC and that small hallway.

So here is it, with light/dark grey parts replaced with white ones for the window frame:


Finishing the floor with the bathroom; after the dual-sink cabinet the bath tub take me some thinking/searching time for a working solution.


I still have to replace grey with white, I don't yet have these brackets in white, that will be for a future parts order.

The red, blue and yellow plates are normal: these are old parts for areas that will be hidden by other parts afterwards.

The final result, a little overexposed, as it is not easy to capture details of black parts:

DSC_7265_2.JPG DSC_7267_2.JPG

Some 1x2 tiles are still missing, that will arrive later. Same for the roof above the small hallway, in transparent plastic, like the ground floor veranda. That will be done in the next months.


In the meantime, next step will be continuing the stairs and then the attic where there is my office desk and all the Lego.

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Wow, such a cool idea. :D

Great level of detail and interesting things and builds to see. I think the kitchen is my favorite room so far :D

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I see that I forgot to post this picture with the two floors stacked together, after having added two rows of bricks below the upper floor:


After arrival of new parts I could resume building.

Missing tiles were added to the bathroom floor. I improved the upper part of the wall between sleeping room and the dressing with new rounded parts (like in the modular police station):


(that wall is not as tall so we can still see something in the dressing room, as it is a narrow room)

I also added a mirror on the right of the door of that room, with a sticker (cut from real Lego stickers) on a 2x6 tile, as we added a mirror there. And I see that it moved and is skewed, of course I see that only when posting the picture :look:

As we repainted a part of the stairwell in dark red a few months ago, the arrival of dark red bricks allowed me to update that too:

I also started building the next flight of stairs:



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Yes, under the roof. Where did you think all the Lego were? :grin:

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