Hi brick fellows! I hadn't been browsing the site for quite a while and Thursday (less than a week before deadline), I spotted there was a new TC going! Moreover about motorbikes! As a motorcycle rider and lover, I absolutely had to take part.
So I dug out some old school motorbike wheels I had purchased some time ago for my collection, which I hadn't actually used yet. They're not big, which calls for a small model; I figured this would fit considering the little time left. These wheels breath custom chopper style, so that's the path I went. I started with the rear wheel, I wanted it to stand out. I tried a few approaches for transmission, but chain or shaft look huge in comparison and add to the width. So I figured an exotic solution that matched all my criteria, one that would make Solex bike enthusiasts proud.
I then fitted a gearbox and longitudinal flat twin, and wrapped those into a frame in the most classic bike style possible. The rear chassis with seat was a bit tricky, I had to limit the travel of the suspension and wrap the saddle and tail as close as possible around the wheel. The fork was pretty straightforward and from there, everything kinda fell into place and I could focus on details like the slickest possible headlight and gas tank, air intake and exhaust, license plate, etc. Without further ado, here's the Exocet:   The model features steering, full suspension, a flat twin fake motor, a 2-speed + neutral gearbox and side stand. Details include saddle, gas tank, full exhaust line, foot rests, front and rear lights, indicators, air intake filter, speedometer, etc. It's hard to cram more than that in such a small model, but I wanted to feature a gearbox, so this is how I built it: I had to do with available parts, so no fancy color or rare parts. Anyway, I'm happy with the proportions and the looks. Cheers!