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Mandalorian MOC Wave

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Hello there!

Back in october 2020, I started work on a mandalorian wave of sets for the first season, later adding or changing sets to include things from the second season. Due to a variety of reasons I didn't have too much time to work on these, and have just finished the wave now. I originally wanted to make an arquitens cruiser, too, but seeing as we're getting an official one soon I decided to scrap it. The wave consists of four microfighters, two battle packs, a duel, and four other sets, all built to look as if lego made a mandalorian wave.



The razor crest seems like an obvious microfighter candidate, I'm surprised we didn't see it in the official january 2021 wave. The included figure would be mando from the pilot episode.



The outlander is similar to official TIE microfighters, but I added hinged wings so it could accurately "land". The included figure is a TIE pilot.



Microfighter two-packs seem to usually have one vehicle and one creature, so I made an ITT and a Blurrg. The included figures would be Kuill (who ideally would have a new mold) and a death trooper.



The build here are a new design for the E-web blaster, as well as an update to the 2020 speeder bike design to appear more accurate to the show. The included figures would be two stormtroopers, a scout trooper, and an incinerator stormtrooper.



This battle pack's build is part of the Quarren ship that the mandalorians rescue Din from. Action features include an opening grate and explode feature for the barrels. The figures are Koska Reeves, Axe Woves, and two quarren (ideally, the quarren would have new head molds).

DUEL ON CORVUS ($19.99, 224 pcs):



Based off the fight in the fifth episode, this set illustrates the duel between Ahsoka Tano and Morgan Elsbeth. This one was the final set I made, though one of the most simple. The tree was a nice puzzle to figure out, and other than that, it's a fairly straightforward build with some small play features in the form of launching platforms built into the bridge. The figures would be Ahsoka with her white sabers, and Morgan Elsbeth with her beskar spear.

MANDALORIAN FORGE ($24.99, 282 pcs):



This set is based off the forge in the mandalorian covert under navarro, where the armorer forges beskar armor. The build includes a representation of the mythosaur skull, as well as the opening tool cabinets, table with camtono, control panel with armor hologram, and of course the forge itself, with a function to lower the "hammer" of the forge or lock it in place. Included are the armorer, and two stormtroopers, as well as multiple beskar ingots and a variety of tools.

TRUCE ON TATOOINE ($29.99, 297 pcs):


This set, the first one I made for season two, was made just before Trouble on Tatooine was revealed. My build of the speeder bike isn't as detailed, but it is a more accurate size at least. Besides mando's bike, a full-size bantha and Cobb's speeder are included, as well as two tuskens, Mando, Cobb, and a massif (which would ideally be a new mold).

TREXLER MARAUDER ($49.99, 524 pcs):


The Trexler Marauder is another vehicle that will have an official set this summer, so it'll be interesting to see how close I got to the actual set. The Marauder has two stud shooters, an opening cockpit, gunnery seat, and storage area, as well as a rotating turret on top. Figures would include the Mythrol, Cara Dune, Greef Karga, and a scout trooper.

IMPERIAL ASSAULT LANDER ($69.99, 621 pcs):



The imperial dropship in the sixth episode was instantly one of my favorite new ships of the show, and it was a real challenge to get the roof angles right. I'm quite happy with the final result, it fits around 6-8 troopers inside and should be structurally integral enough for a child to play with. There are spring shooters, a detachable roof with interior transport space and cockpit, and rotating cannons. The figures would be boba fett (episode 6), Fennec Shand, 2 stormtroopers, a mortar stormtrooper, and a stormtrooper commander.

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Excellent work.

If these were real, I might be buying a couple of copies of some of them (the Assault Lander is just cool).

Thanks for sharing.

Cheers :)

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Excellent work, I haven't seen any of the mandalorian yet (I have to wait for it on DVD - I live in rural Australia and don't have enough internet for Disney plus) but those are fantastic and if they were real I would certainly buy them. That bantha is fantastic and far superior to the Lego version. The angles on the dropship are very well executed

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These are amazing. I wish we got these sets and that Imperial Remnant Battle Pack would be a dream come true for army builders!

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