Hi there, it’s quite a while since I’ve been active here, but I was so incredibly busy that I almost missed this contest! I needed some iterations to find out what I want to build and this is what I came up with: The build will have full suspension, something like a Deltabox frame, a simple gearbox shifted by a lever in the area of the foot peg and a Hand of God engine.
The fork is only to find the general proportions and still WIP, same with the swing arm. I wante to have the chain inside the swing, that’s why the arm became so wide with the new wider Ducati tire. Another pic and a closer look at the engine: This is the engine I use. With a four cylinder in a row the motor builds quite wide ... The engine will be rotated by the black gear. This is to improve the playability. Means you can grab the model and rotate the engine to see how the pistons run without pushing the model around.
The knob on the left side is the gear shifter. The gearbox has only one gear to connect or disconnect the rear wheel to the engine. Again this will become a very tough race again, so stay tuned for more updates.
However, being part of a EB contest is always an honor to me!