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invitation to 3rd lego train fan meeting Schkeuditz / Leipzig (Germany)

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Invitation to the 3rd Bauspielbahn-Treffen

in Schkeuditz (Leipzig))

Dear LEGO® train fans,

also this year the BAUSPIELBAHN-TREFFEN takes place, the modular L-gauge event. For the third time, train fans from all over Germany and the neighbouring EU countries come together to build a large joint layout. Next to it is place for individual layouts and models.


Like in recent years we are provided with the „Altes Straßenbahndepot Schkeuditz“ (old tram depot Schkeuditz) offering a total area of 700sq m round the clock.

Beforehand we, the LEN railroaders from Leipzig, create a as varying as possible track layout. The foundation will be provided by us.

We want to establish the BAUSPIELBAHN-TREFFEN as a networking event for „L gauge railroaders“, ...


...thus we are looking for LEGO® railroaders ...

... who are in the mood for networking and are looking forward to lively exchange.

... who contribute a landscape to the joint layout. This can be a station, independent track (track through landscape), a factory, a bridge or a tunnel. It's important, that your module is built in a way, that it connects to other modules or other track.

... who want to drive their trains long distances (in august 2020 the maximum driving route was about 400m).

... who built nice, preferably realistic vehicles and want to display or drive them.

... who can bring along buildings, accessories or other appropriate urban buildings.

... who own working models with lights, motors, ...


It doesn’t matter, …

… whether you’re building with a system (MILS, LEN, …) or not.

… whether you’re using LEGO, self-made or third party tracks.

… how you’ve build your landscape. Everything can be integrated in the layout, from first work through to professional models.

whether your locomotives are powered by LEGO® 9V, Power Functions, Powered Up, SBrick or Buwizz.



We invite all L gauge railroaders to be part of the joint layout:


Participants with modules, landscapes, stations, etc.

Everyone who wants to participate with one or more modules (stations, free track, bridges, tunnels, railway sidings, …), please sign up with us until April 30th, 2021:


Subsequently we’ll send you the registration form and a planning sheet.

Please enter your module as precisely as possible into the planning sheet and return the documents until April 30th 2021. They’re essential for your participation in the event and the track layout creation.

Those who return the documents are considered as registered and their modules will be integrated in the layout!

Please use a separate planning sheet for each module. For large modules please use multiple planning sheets. Do not cheap out on them!


The tracks of the joint layout are planned by us including the registered modules after everyone signed up. We’re aiming for a varying vehicle operation. Please keep in mind, that we might place your modules separated from each other in the layout.

The participation fee for every participant is 25,- Euro. Every LEGO® train fan from 14 years may participate.



Participants with independent layouts / display models

Layouts or models, that won’t be part of the joint layout can be brought along, too. Please sign up with us until April 30th, 2021:


We will send you the registration form as well. Please enter your model, especially its size and type. Individual models and layouts will be arranged after the creation of the joint layout.

Please return the documents until April 30th, 2021!

After the creation of the joint layout we will send you the hall plan including the location of your layout.

Modules with existing circular layouts won’t be included in the joint layout. They are welcomed as individual layouts.




Participants without module / only with rolling stock / guest driver

Participants without any landscape modules will be treated as guest driver. If there will be limitations due to Covid-19, guest drivers might not be allowed to participate on all days of the event.

Please sign up with us by mail, too:


We will subsequently send you the register form. Please enter what you want to bring with you. If you have any desired dates on which you want to take part, please enter them in the form as well.

Return the register form until June 30th, 2021! We will report back, on which days you’re scheduled.

Guest drivers don’t need to pay the participant fee. A small donation is asked for.




Expected schedule:

Wednesday: Arrival and construction oft he joint layout

Thursday: Construction of individual layouts, test drives, presentation of modules

Friday: Driving day without visitors, AFOL evening

Saturday: 1st visitor day (12pm – 10pm), workshops, locomotive parade, night drives (open end)

Sunday: 2nd visitor day (10am – 4pm), workshops, dismantling and return journey

We will be on site from Monday to Monday. We welcome any assistance for constructions and dismantling.



We can’t say yet, whether the event will take place with public audience or not. Unlike last year, we schedule to welcome audience on Saturday and Sunday. If this will be possible due to Covid-19 will be announced.



Just like in 2020, we’d be glad if this year some participants and guests share their knowledge and ideas.

Last years workshop topics where for example building techniques, layout digitalization, bridge building, … you can enter further workshop ideas in the registration form.


Further information:

To show the wide range of possibilities of building with LEGO® bricks, we ask you not to bring modules or rolling stocks from sets but rather self-built models.


Participant fee:


After last years accounting we noticed that we’ve budgeted too much which is why we have adjusted this years participants fee.

If we are allowed to welcome public audience on Saturday and Sunday, a partial or full refund oft he participant fee might be possible.

The participants fee is used to fund the halls rent, foundation of the joint layout and non-alcoholic beverages for the participants.


Review of BSBT2020:

please check out our last train fan meetings:

in 2019:

review of the BSBT 2019 (only in german, but with a lot of pictures)

Video 1 from bananenbuurman 

Video 2 from him


in 2020:

review of the BSBT 2020 (only in german, but with a lot of pictures - only train fan meeting, no visitors)

"room tour" at the BSBT last year (at instagram or at youtube):

tour all over the layout with a BR628/629 railcar at youtube


We’re looking forward to a marvellous railroading experience,


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us in this thread or by mail.

Ken, Micha, Pelle, Kevin, Florian and Stefan





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I had a pleasure to attend in 2019. 2020 unfortunately only in my minds. This year I'll be there :) Honestly I cannot wait!

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