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[OL - FB] Burnt Quay Market, Jiangkai

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When the cruel and barbarous Red Coats sacked Jiangkai in May 620, they burnt the town's central quay down to the waterline. The quay had been home to an open air market when the town enjoyed it's brief golden age. I suppose as much out of habit than anything else, those left after the violence continued to congregate at the burnt quay to sell their wares. 


Now that Oleon has brought order and security to Jiangkai, the market has picked up a more optimistic feeling. 


The charred ruins of the old quay serve as a reminder of Red Coat cruelty. 


Despite the scars, the area is beautiful, calm waves lap the shoreline, palms hang lazily towards the water. It is understandable that so many remained in the shattered town after the destruction was complete.


Signs of hope emerge. In fact, a new stand has popped up. One of the local merchants has scavenged bits of masonry and spared timbers to erect a little food stand. It is now the anchor point for the growing market. 


Though, Jiangkai still has a long way to go. Rule of law exists, but in the moment, "haggling" over prices may appear more like "indimidation"


One would never casually apply the label of "pirates," but it is noted that at the far end of the civilized world, a certain criminal element steals what they can. Like sneaking a few bottles of wine while the proprietors attention is held by a pretty smile. 


Taking the good with the bad, this large artisan scene now boasts exotic items from across the brick seas.


Even the local tribes come in once a week to offer local produce.


How this old-timer is able to wrestle those big monsters into his little fishing boat is beyond me. But, if you can handle the rum smell saturating his every word, you can get the day's catch fresh out of the water. 


Yes the return of normal elements of community, commerce, and security being brought to Jiangkai in the wake of Correy desolation is captured well in the growth of the burnt quay market... a stark comparison and metaphor of the tyranny of the Red Coats and civility of the Blue. 


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That's a real mix of minifigs! Love the ruined dock and the various scattered pieces do a good job making it seem like it's a place that is in the process of being rebuilt.

Good use of clear pieces near the rocks to represent lapping water. The lime green mixed in with the regular and bright green helps give the ground a tropical feel.

Good choice making the food stand diagonal to the studs! Nice work.

@CapOnBOBS - Some pretty thorough dock destruction by the noble redcoats. The trick is to leave just enough of it left that it makes construction of a new one hard.

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Good scenario with many sympathetic residents.:pir-huzzah2:

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Fun build. It has a certain classic feel with all those piratey minifigs and islanders and palm trees. The burnt quay looks the part and The Case of The Missing Case of Wine made me smile. But who is responsible for the destruction of the quay? You never told us. :pir_tong2:

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Nice scene. The rockword looks good, so does the trees, the offset shop is a nice touch, and it's great to see so many classic minifigs, especially those Islanders.

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