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[MOC] Big Yellow Bulldozer with gearbox

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Good day, everyone!

I'm glad to present you my newest contraption - Big Yellow Bulldozer.

Originally it was built as an entry for Foundation Contest in russian lego community, but it hasn't won anything. As the contest has ended, i am now able to post the model here.32962946_m.png

The goal was to create bulldozer with as many functions as possible while using only two motors, so it can be controlled using only one RC (Two parallel XL counts as one)


So the model implements complex gearbox which allows to switch between five funtions and to have V6 engine working on every one of them.




I've tried to write a really long text about how this all works, but i think it'd be better to just watch the video:

Thanks for watching!

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I like the look! The working shift lever is my favorite function, very cool.

What I dislike is how fragile the model looks from below. There is basically no bracing visible that connects the tracks, and that one lbg 5x7 frame housing the diff is just like floating in there. I think there is a lot that could (and should) be done to increase body rigidity.

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49 minutes ago, caiman0637 said:

Wow! This looks like it could go really well with 42114.

And the 42030.

Looks great, I love the fact that you used only two motors.

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