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[O7 - Ordo - CE] The Declaration of Ordo

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Ordo? We had some times there, sure. That was where we held the declaration. 

The Ordo Declaration

Right after we conquered Mandalore, Val Eldar gathered everyone she could in the desert. Declared Mandalore independent and free again. Claimed sovereignty for Clan Eldar, by right of conquest, by right of citizenship and by right of seniority and by a dozen other rights that I can't remember or won't ever understand because I wasn't born with a beskar spoon in my mouth. 

The Ordo Declaration

What's more, she claimed for herself the title of Duchess. I hear that some of our people wanted her named Mandalore, but apparently that requires more political cunning, military might, and sheer arrogance than Val could reasonably muster.
So there we were, a Duchess and her people, with an old home and a new hope. 

The Ordo Declaration

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2 hours ago, marvelBoy123 said:

nice little build and a nice way of rounding up this chapter of Clan Eldar's story!

Thanks! There honestly was a question of whether we would claim the title Mandalore. Didn't wanna do that coz we're already disturbing canon too much. I felt "Duchess" was a classy compromise.

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