MOC: Launch Complex 39 - Space Shuttle era, anno 1980 - 1:110

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This is a MOC I designed during spring 2020 and originally published in the Bricks in Space Facebook group (original post) and on the web page, but I want to publish it here as well. 


Inspired by all great 1:110 scaled space moc's in the Bricks in space group, I realized that there were no accurate scale model of the Space Shuttle's Launch Complex 39 so I decided to give it a try myself. During my research I found that there is basically no construction blueprints published for the Launch complex, making scale modeling very hard, but after much searching I managed to track down a demolision plan which accurately described the complex open frame structure and it measures. These plans gave me the opportunity to model the MOC with all major beams in the right place and get the model accurate in scale down to (most of the time) +/- one stud.

To make sure that there was a Shuttle, MLP and crawler available to use together with the launch complex, the MOC is designed to match KingsKnight's excelent 1:110 scale Space shuttle and Eiffelman's Crawler transporter and Mobile Launch Platform. Together the four models form a nice display with almost 20000 pieces. 

About the MOC

 I’ve been aiming at the look the complex had around 1980 concerning colours and equipment level. 
The model consists of the Fixed Service Structure, the Rotating Service Structure, The WSC Tower and 9099 building, the Northern Pipe Bridge and the East access towers. Everything is placed on a base representing the top of the launch pad and flame trench.
The FSS is inspired by Nathan Readioff's LUT and the Hammerhead crane on top is his design, which he kindly let me use in this model.
The RSS was a really complicated thing to design. The open frame structure is hard to do in Lego and right now there is some weak spots in the design that must be resolved, especially the connection of the support legs and the main structure. There are a few angels there which is not easily handled with LEGO. But overall, I’m quite happy with the design, even if all the catwalks and staircases were driving me crazy for a while. The RSS will rotate around the hinging column just as it did in real life.

This is still a work in progress. Whenever I get some time, I plan for doing two additional versions of this MOC. One 1990's version which will be gray and the orbiter weather protection system, hurricane lock, and other modifications, and one 2000's version without the hammerhead crane. We'll see when those will be ready.

More pictures, .io-files and instructions can be found on the web page.

I hope you like this model.

Part count: 13672 bricks, 576 lots.

Width: 92 cm, 36.2 inch, 115 studs
Length: 115.2 cm, 45.4 inch, 144 studs 
Height: 97.8 cm, 38.5 inch, 122.2 studs 






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Very nice build! The details are incredible!

Edited by JintaiZ

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Remarkable work, truly spectacular. It's really great to see all the different structures and components together and the attention to detail regarding the scale is really impressive. Most excellent recreation and modeling.

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Thumbs up to the build :)

I did follow it as best as I could on the FB page. Sometimes I check it daily, sometimes less.

This should be the STS-2 mission. Due to MLP1, not having those water pipes at the STS-1 launch.

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