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During a break from building agricultural machinery, I created a cute Buggy from 42122 set :D



I had to buy this kit. I knew very well that the new tires were too small for a tractor, but they are perfect for my other WIP model, which has been on the shelf for almost a year. I did not follow a specific buggy model. I was inspired by various vehicles, their proportions and appearance to create my version. I associate it most with desert vechicles. The functions that have been added: HOG control and independent rear suspension, which works nice and soft. Unfortunately, the attempt to use the turntable to create the front suspension failed. This idea changed the appearance of the vehicle a lot, so I gave it up with that.

I used 577 items out of 665 available in the set. My first building instruction is also available at:

Hope you like the model :)

42122_-_buggy_1.jpg_thumb.jpg 42122_-_buggy_2.jpg_thumb.jpg 42122_-_buggy_3.jpg_thumb.jpg 42122_-_buggy_4.jpg_thumb.jpg 42122_-_buggy_5.jpg_thumb.jpg hotrod_and_buggy.jpg_thumb.jpg 






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Yes tires are very cute, and as you say they can be used for another model. Buggy is a bit unordinary, but I do not know if you can make better from available parts (my is still in the box)

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