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On 12/30/2020 at 5:21 PM, caiman0637 said:

Whenever I try to access the Town Forum, it just shows a blank white screen. Reloading does nothing. Is this my problem only, or is it happening to anybody else?

The same thing is happening to BoBS sub forum now (trouble from yesterday about 16h00 UTC and  still running)

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I've also an empty (white) website. I experienced the problem at the company I worked for before. Some of the company's websites were no longer available, others were available. The whole thing took 1 week until it worked to some extent again. Well, after that we had to correct errors on the homepage for 2 months. The web content management system was responsible. They made a software update. With Eurobricks it would be:


"Powered by Invision Community"


If Eurobricks (hopefully) does daily backups, then the damage is minimal.


There is also the following option:


In my experience, a forum is more effective if many different users write it every day (not the same user every day). It's more effective because everyone can see it. It is important to keep the topic alive and not let it perish. Nobody cares if a single person writes. Only when a lot of people write does someone answer.


We all must remember that Brethren of the Bricks Seas is a free game. That is why we should all be grateful if it (hopefully) works again soon.

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