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[MOC] Mercedes-Benz Unimog U500

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Here's another older MOC:

This model of a Mercedes-Benz Unimog U500 was intended to bridge the worlds of cars/trucks and construction equipment, to allow me to get some experience at construction vehicles without totally leaving my comfort zone. In the end, the model used all eight IR channels and a switch, providing it with fairly complete functionality. I think it is one of my better looking models, which means it is probably about the same as many builders worse looking models!



-Live axle suspension

-Four-Wheel-Drive with four XL-motors and I-4 piston engine

-Steering with a Servo motor

-Winch with an L-motor (I think this one was controlled by a switch, since I have eight other RC functions)

-Bed tip (sideways) with an L-motor

-Crane arm rotation with either an M-motor or an L-motor (Oh, the things you forget in a few months time!)

-Crane arm lifting with a motor and a linear actuator

-Crane arm tilting with a motor and a linear actuator

-Bucket "digging" with a motor and a linear actuator

-Outriggers with an M-motor

-Tipping cab

-Opening doors

None of the functions in this model were particularly complicated, with them all being controlled directly by motors, but it ended up being quite a playable model. The drive was built to about the same standards as my Trial Trucks, so it had no reliability issues, and it could off-road about as far as its poor dimensions and center of gravity would allow. The cab tipping was also satisfying for me, because a rubber band caused the supports for it to snap into place to hold the cab up. The functions were mostly reliable, but I am sure that the geometry of the crane arm was atrocious, and it wasn't much good for digging anything. I guess this is something I will have to improve on if I wish to build better construction equipment!

Here are a bunch of the more interesting images, but more can be seen at:


















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Very impressive! Everything looks like it functions smoothly, and I think the aesthetics are great too. All that experience with cars and trucks looks to have translated!

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Thanks guys!

14 hours ago, Bluehose said:

4 xl ! How does it trial truck ?


Well, it wasn't power limited! I built it with a similar axle to trial trucks, with portal axles and no differentials, but the suspension didn't offer the most travel, departure angle was quite bad with the crane arm on the back, and the center of gravity was rather high. It would probably drive anywhere you would need it to get to, but it wouldn't be the best for taking on extreme obstacles. Of course, if you should tip over, you've got a chance at righting yourself with the crane arm!

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