[MOC] 6274 - Caribbean Clipper - Reimagined

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Hello everyone!

Today i present you my very first ship. It's is not an original design but heavily modified version of our beloved 6274 Caribbean Clipper

I managed to buy big bulk of old Lego that included 6285 Black Seas Barracuda but all the sails and most of the masts were missing and since i already own 21322 Pirates of Barracuda Bay  i decided to build the other ship from 1989


The first step was to acquire sails, i bought the replacement ones from ebay, because original ones were either in terrible condition or too pricey.

My favorite part about original ship is its "forward" style of sails, i obviously kept it untouched but i added second rigging piece.


I also wanted to add main deck, but then the ship was getting too bulky so i just left it opened, like original one. Just like in almost all of my creations i had to include some kind of crane.


I am most proud of the stern of the ship, i didn't have enough blue pieces to keep the original scheme but i think yellow and black with some brown looks just as good.


One more view from the top


I hope you like it :) Hopefully my next ship won't be based on anything but for now i am happy with it. 

Few more pictures in my Flickr gallery



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Posted (edited)

Yes, i tried but then it all goes downhill.

Once i added another section it looked ridiculous with that forward sails. Then i thought, what if i buy another sails? Then it would turn into another Barracuda but with different colors.

It does look fat, but i am planning to display it next to 21322 and i don't want them to look too similar.


Edited by Dorino

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I agree w/ Brickander that it looks fat, but it also looks good! Cool small ship! I love the stern contours and the last picture looks awesome like a small merchant vessel.

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Bonus, i didn't like how with black and yellow it looked too similar to 21322 so i swapped all the yellows with whites. At this moment i don't like any of these colors, Thoughts?





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Leave the yellow pieces as is, make cannon covers blue, add some blue at the stern, change stairs is middle from white to black or brown, add a white stripe to the sides of the ship as in the original Caribbean Clipper.

Just my 2 cents.

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That's a good re interpretation of this old classic ! Nice !

I'd like to see it with more length but I can understand you to keep strait to the original model.

I think black and yellow are better as it's respecting more the original ship; perhaps adding some blue and gold accents on the stern would help

All in all a good build ! :thumbup:

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