[MOC] The Mandalorian - Mando's S2 Speeder Bike (Scaled Down)

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I love the look of the Mandalorian on his speeder bike, as showcased in the Season 2 key art:


This speeder appears in the new set "Trouble on Tatooine" (75299), and is a reasonably decent approximation considering it has to be sturdy and hold up to play. There are a few shaping inaccuracies, but that's par for the course. For reference, here's the official LEGO vehicle with no tweaks other than a hastily cobbled-together stand (and my unorthodox placement of the cape, with the left arm threading one of the neck holes to hold it at the desired display angle):


The major downside, as with most LEGO speeders, is the scale! While it has some nice detail, it's simply much too large in comparison to the minifigure. The "foot pedals" (at least, that's what I presume the struts with the dark orange brackets are meant to be) are a case in point -- they're huge relative to the minifig, and nowhere near Mando's feet! So, despite the inevitability of loosing some greebling opportunities, I decided to take a stab at a scaled-down speeder bike for Mando to ride that would still successfully evoke the vehicle from the show. I also set myself the challenge of only using parts from 75299! Here's what I came up with:


It's reasonably sturdy, fits both Grogu and Mando's Amban phase-pulse blaster, and the nose fortuitously lies at the correct angle. This design also allows Mando to sit a little more upright in his seat! But it's still not quite where I wanted it to be, so I did one final tweak with a few additional bars with clips, some swapped out colors, and a smooth base:




Mando can now lean forward slightly as he does on the key art, which allows his cape to be properly affixed without getting crimped up. His hands still can't properly "grab" the handlebars, but it's close enough for my purposes.

I'm sure I'm not the only person who has undertaken this challenge, so I'll probably be inspired to revisit this build in the future. For now, though, this makes me happy!

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Very nice and inspirationnal as i was thinking about doing the same!

I only bought the set for the minifigs as i didn’t like the speeder at that scale, neither the other builds of the set. 

Seeing how you mainly used parts of the original speeder helps a lot to do mine, 

thanks a lot!

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Here you are :



Not that much accurate but i like it this way :)



Edit : I see i have mount the front wedges one stud too far when taking the picture, actual build is a little more compact :p

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3 hours ago, macaron35 said:

the inverted radar seems very high 

Indeed, and too big also!

but the way it’s attached, it can’t be pushed more.


However i like it best with than without!


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14 hours ago, Lfm55 said:

Here you are

Interesting take! Definitely more compact, and I like the tiles on the nose plates (though if I were to borrow that, I might swap out the color for something "rustier"). Any chance of a different angle on the nose to show how you attached the plates?

Nifty lighting in that last shot! A very evocative scene...

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Unfortunately i won’t be able to take a picture until monday.

In the meanwhile, it’s done using part 4081b, two round plate, a headlight brick and a jumper.

 But there’s a lot of solutions that could work with just a brick with stud on the two opposite sides.

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