[MOC] Delta-7 & 7B Aetherspite-class Jedi Interceptors Collection

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This is my collection of the Delta-7 and Delta-7B Interceptors I've designed. I made Anakin's fighter first and used that as a kind of template to create the color schemes of the rest of the starfighters. I used a combination of snot technique in the front/middle and plates & wedges on the wings to try and get a sleek looking design. 


50796522898_ecd67071d6_z.jpgimage 1 by ice chips, on Flickr


50798091108_228b91dd22_z.jpgUntitled_3 by ice chips, on Flickr

50798840326_27e9c93425_z.jpgUntitled_4 by ice chips, on Flickr

50798957212_3a41149cea_z.jpgUntitled_5 by ice chips, on Flickr

50798957482_4de9ee9448_z.jpgUntitledModel_3 by ice chips, on Flickr

50798840251_c949948962_z.jpgUntitled_6 by ice chips, on Flickr


50797307371_dc03d7ba7e_z.jpgUntitled_5 by ice chips, on Flickr

50797296881_2e8fe4e341_z.jpgimage 5 by ice chips, on Flickr



I also made instructions for these as well here:

This fighter is definitely bigger than what minifig scale should be. I did make retractable landing gear as well. Of course, a minifig can fit in the cockpit and an astromech sits in the middle, except for the 2 Delta 7 fighters where the built-in astromech head is on the wing. Let me know what you all think! 

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Yeah they are bigger than minifg scale but they do look nice. I like the curvature of the hull underneath the bubble canopy. All the colourways are pretty great. Nice work and thanks for sharing :classic:

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