How do I "make a block" in Robot Inventor 51515?

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We had something like that in the EV3 system called "Myblocks", we could group often-used groups of commands into a small block and insert it into our program again and again. I see "Make a block" at the bottom of the command list for 51515, and tried to make one. My robot has a powered arm it can lift up and down, so I wanted to make a block that would set the arm motor's speed, wait one second, then lift the arm, wait 1 second, lower the arm. It had one variable, which was the number of times it "waved" this way.

But... I can't figure out how to put that short string of commands, into the "block". I've googled around for "51515 block", but found nothing. Apparently "block" has more than one meaning in 51515-speak. A single command is a block... and (I'm assuming) it's also something I used to call a macro in older languages, a group of commands.

Am I way off the track here? Is there a way to put a series of commands together and have one symbol for them, so I can put the symbol into my program and the program will execute the string of commands each time it hits the symbol?

Thanx all!

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On 1/2/2021 at 7:38 PM, Coder Shah said:

Thankyou very much for this link!

The Lego Robot Inventor 51515 set has very meager documentation. The kit is nice and there are some sample programs included in the software but I was very disappointed to discover no specifications or description of the programming blocks at all. I've been searching for more information and the above site has much of what I was looking for. Lego should be sponsoring Prime Lessons for doing Lego's job for them.

For the record, I'm not a complete newbie at this. I have mentored a FIRST team for many years, got sucked into NXT and EV3 when my oldest grandson's class wanted to enter FLL. I bought this set so my youngest grandson could start experimenting with robotics even though FLL is shut down for the pandemic.

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Yeah, sort of.

One  example (of many): I was trying to find out how to use the built-in gyro. Help function tells me it can measure pitch, yaw and roll -- without expanding on which is which.

The website provides a handy little diagram clearly illustrating which axis is which.


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