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A. Skywalker

My Star Wars collection (quick youtube videos)

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   Hello everyone!

   I would like to apologize if it is not allowed to show our lego’s collection… it is considered as spam may be? Sorry in this case.

   It includes MOCs (LDD0xx), MODs (xxxx+LDD0xx), Lepin figures ("-F" from "false")... from all the episode films (I-IX), with referenced names from Wookieepedia ( This videos had already existed, but today they have been updated because of the Chistmas adquisitions.

   The LDD files are available if someone wants any of them, feel free to improve them.

   I hope you like it!

   I The Phantom Menace

   II Attack of the Clones

   III Revenge of the Sith

   IV A New Hope

   V The Empire Strikes Back

   VI Return of the Jedi

   VII The Force Awakens

   VIII The Last Jedi

   IX The Rise of Skywalker


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