[MOC] Lego Boost 3D printer

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Lego Boost + 3D Pen = Lego 3D printer!

Lego Boost provided 3 motors to control 3 axis movements and a 3D pen provided the filament
extruder. The precision of the printer was much better than diameter of the filament thanks to the
Boost motors with angle positioning. The precision could be substantially improved by building
proper carriage movement by a real master builder. I had no additional motor to switch on and off
the 3D pen extruder, so the 3D pen is set to continuous mode. Thus only simple objects can be

The printer was a learning project for my 8 years old kid. He learned how 3D printer is built, how
it works and how it is programmed. He was able to program motor movements to 3D print simple pencil

It is quite hard to program every motor movements to print some object. Many free and open source
applications are available for conversion of digital 3D objects into G-codes, i.e. motor movement
commands. This way someone could make a full feature Lego 3D printer.





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