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Settlement: Jiangkai, El Oleonda, Oleon

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Name: Jiangkai

Ownership: The Crown of Oleon (partially autonomous administration)

Location: El Oleonda, New Haven Sea


Fort Arltrees


Who can own property in Jiangkai: Anyone. If you are from Corrington, however, the inhabitants may throw stones in your direction.

Who can freebuild in Jiangkai: Anyone. It would be nice keeping an overall Lotii style.

History and description: Jiangkai, together with Oryant and Luyang, was founded in early 619, during Lotii colonization of El Oleonda. The settlement is located in the middle of the Great Southern Bay, in a narrow but fertile strip of plains between the sea and the low hills of the interior. Fueled by new waves of colonies and sustained by agriculture and fishing activities, Jiangkai was already becoming a real city in 620, when the war put an end to the brief "golden age".

Quite near to the Carnite colonies and relatively accessible by land, the settlement was soon involved in the hostilities: the crops were abandoned, and a series of violent skirmishes took place even on the outskirts of Jiangkai; in May 620, the city itself was sacked by a Corrish expedition. This was the end of Jiangkai: after the reconquest by the Lotii army, the city was abandoned and burnt to the ground.

During the retreat, many of the civilians were left behind: some didn't want to leave, others couldn't simply endure the long march in the jungle. Miserable wooden shacks were built among the ruins, but the food soon started running low.

In December 620, an Oleander expedition from Fort Arltrees reached the ruins of the city, bringing help and supplies. After a short negotiation, Jiangkai became part of the Empire of Oleon, although with a partially autonomous administration.

The City of Jiangkai is still in ruins, so most of the first builds should be focused on reconstruction and re-establishment of the main services. Since most of the inhabitants are ethnically and culturally Lotii, this would be partially reflected by the building style. The True Faith might not be welcome, but particularly enterprising missionaries could accept this difficult challenge; therefore, temples of different cults are expected to be built soon by the inhabitants, and should be tolerated to maintain public order. 

More Information: El Oleonda is one of the four large islands of the New Haven sea region. It is currently one of the "hottest" areas of the New World, with the tension between Carnites and Lotii just concluded, but ready to turn again into open war at the tiniest spark. Halosian Empires had been involved in the hostilities too, with the Corrish settlement of Spudkirk recently raided by Lotii forces and Carnites hiring mercenaries and corsairs for their war. You can find more about the situation here.


Builds in Jiangkai:

Please post a link to your build and specify if licensed or not.

Properties: 15

Size for EGS purposes - Level 2 'Town'

Required for Level 3: 26/31 (1/4 artisans, 12/4 residences, 3/4 commerce, 0/4 factories, 0/1 educational, 0/1 cultural)

Notable Events:

When a city dies - Re-founding of the settlement, in December 620

Show of resolve - Jiangkai fort is repaired after the Lotii raid, July 622

Far from glory - An attack against the Lotii troops is launched in Jiangkai area, March 623


12 NPC residences




Ten million silver livres - silver mine


Dyers' district - Medium


Burnt Quay Market - Large

Hoang's Coffee House - Small 

Military Quay - Large


Art & Culture:


Great Southern Bay Fortress - Large 

Unlicensed Builds (similar to EGS properties):

Eat in, or to go? 

Other Freebuilds (not similar to EGS properties):

Roar of the Hydra - A demonstration of Essener artillery

Something in the mud - Prospecting outside the city

Needs More Cowbell (The End is Nigh) - A group of apocalyptic preachers visits the settlement

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Commerce begins to return amidst the ashes of the town's central quay. Licensed Large Artisan


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Hoang's Coffee House


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