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[MOC] 1987 Suzuki Samaria (Jimny) Trial Truck

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This is another MOC I made last summer as a companion model to my Suzuki Sidekick (Vitara) at the same scale. Rather than attempt to model a complicated drivetrain as in the Sidekick, this model was built as a no-compromises trial truck.

I am rather disappointed with the no-effort, boring aesthetic, but performance was good, and there may be some heavy duty off-road techniques of interest to others.





-Drive with 3 XL motors

-Steering with an L motor

-Live axle suspension


Drive was done using three XL motors, two of which were located on the rear axle, and the other of which is on the front axle. There was perpendicular 12:36 gearing in the axles, followed by 8:40 gearing in the homemade heavy duty portal axles, which use two O-frames and a nonsteered hub for each wheel.






Steering was done with an L-motor through a large linear actuator, which made for a very simple and strong steering system. Too often, I have built 4x4s with steering that was too weak to lift the (tilted) model, as is often necessary when hunting for traction, so I took no chances with this one.




The suspension was a four-link design with long shock absorbers, assisted by rubber bands, and a fair bit of travel.






More images can be found at:


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