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[NCS] Heavy Mobile Rocket Launcher

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[NCS] Heavy Mobile Rocket Launcher
Do with LDD and

It's a mix that brings together the sets :

- 462 Mobile Rocket Launcher
- 483 Alpha-1 Rocket Base
- 6881 Lunar Rocket Launcher
- 6950 Mobile Rocket Transport

at the same time, and bigger !  
All these sets look more or less alike, or are just different variations depending on the version. Hence the idea of bringing them all together, in a 4 in 1, mastodon version.

I used the 90 ° snot technique with the control consoles in the wall, in order to be able to accommodate as many control panels as possible and gain 2 additional horizontal studs. This allows me to put 4 crew members, their seats and a small passageway (narrowly) for them to move between the seats. The roof with the 2 radars unclips and the front canopy swivels, allowing accessibility. My only regret: not being able to put the 2 sides in blue (the back of the 2 console panels), because part N°11203 (flat Tile, Modified 2 x 2 Inverted) does not exist in this color. I had to settle for gray.

I was amazed, myself, to have built it in just 3 days! Upon reflection, I think I understood why I did it in such a short time. I put this down to several things:

-1/ I already had the basis of my NCS - City Mars Exploration - Heavy Mobile Lab, which had taken me a good 10 days. In addition to the experience of construction / internal arrangement of the vehicle.

-2/ I already had the radar and the rocket, of my [NCS] 462-897- Mobile Rocket Launcher, Remastered, which took me 3-4 days.

-3/ I already had the seats of my NCS - Heavy Transport

-4/ I already had the wall consoles, from my NCS - Heavy Transport. (at least, retained my reverse construction technique) which had taken a hell of a lot of time, because I had to put a maximum of computer consoles in a minimalist space, and above all, at 90 ° and inverted in relation to the wall! (so damn technical difficulty in tearing your hair). Just for that, I had to spend several days there.

-5/ My past experiences, which are almost a hallmark of me: the exterior ofmy ships and vehicles (NCS - Heavy Transporter, NCS - City Mars Exploration - Martian Colonization Base, Intergalactic Girl, NCS LL-6929 Starfleet Voyager, Space Heavy Rover, Lunar Space Pod , NCS - City Mars Exploration - Heavy Mobile Lab, etc) are generally stripped down, but on the other hand, the interior is generally quite shielded in every way. Putting a lot of greeblings, in a confined and minimalist space, it almost became my "hobby".

So normally, given the size of the mastodon's vehicle, it should have taken me at least 7-14 days well packed. But since I do all my constructions " in modular ", I can easily transplant parts (or modules) to put them in other constructions. In addition to past construction experiences. This is why I only took 2-3 days and saved a lot of time.

The images are in HD + (> 4096 pixels) on my flickr to zoom in on them.

[NCS] Heavy Mobile Rocket Launcher. by Horlack, sur Flickr

[NCS] Heavy Mobile Rocket Launcher. by Horlack, sur Flickr

[NCS] Heavy Mobile Rocket Launcher. by Horlack, sur Flickr

[NCS] Heavy Mobile Rocket Launcher. by Horlack, sur Flickr




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Alors, même si le véhicule parait massif, j'adore le paquet de petits détails que tu as rajouté, les camera, le radar, le radome, les p'tites nechelles mignonnes. Je kiff tes phares, franchement top. Et toutes ces petites touches de mise en relief des panneaux de commandes internes.

Encore une bonne adaptation de nos vieux set space classique. Tu te rends rends compte qu'il y en a qui n'étaient pas nés quand on jouait déjà avec :sweet:

And in english for the politeness


Despite the vehicle looking bulky, I love all those small details you add everywhere, camera, radome, radar, the cute littles ladders. the headlamps are killer, topnotch !

And all this greeblings on the control panels.

A good upgrade of an old space classic set once again. Do you realize that some members were not born yet when we first play with the old sets. :sweet:

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