In response to the war now declared with Oleon, the Corrington Admiralty has opened a primary Naval Intelligence Office in Port Woodhouse. Naval Intelligence officers are responsible for manning Corlander naval communication structures, inventing new means for inter-ship communication, developing written ciphers, and maintaining networks of undercover operatives. Their new presence in Port Woodhouse signals the focus given to technological advancement within the Corlander armed forces. The recent introduction of optical telegraph relay stations across the Brick Seas has greatly aided quick communication between ships and settlements. Lieutenant Keeling (right tower) is experimenting with a new flag-based semaphore method where individual flags represent letters. He signals down to the larger seaside mast-based semaphore tower and later will ride down to see how well the crew took down his message. Intelligence Captain Hunter meets with visiting Post-Captain Seward and explains the newest ciphers his crew will need to communicate written orders securely. ------------------------- @Ayrlego's Port Woodhouse builds are stunning and are what originally drew me to BotBs. I wanted to try one out! Making the tile pattern around the fountain was pretty fun. Submitted for license to Corrington as part of Glory of Corrington Task 11: Strategic Outposts