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[MOC] STAR WARS THE MANDALORIAN Season 2 - Assault on Tython

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It is friday again so that means time for a brand new STAR WARS THE MANDALORIAN Season 2 building series creation:

As the Razor Crest approaches the planet Tython, Din Djarin speaks to Grogu, addressing him by his name. He trains the Child to use the Force to summon the joystick ball. The Razor Crest descends into Tython's atmosphere, flying over several hills. Using the ship's navigation systems, Djarin closes in on the seeing stone that Ahsoka Tano had told him about earlier. Since the "magic rock" lacks a suitable area for the Razor Crest to land, Djarin decides that they will have to "travel the last stretch with the windows down."

Djarin travels on a jetpack with the Child in his arms to the seeing stone. They find that the stone is a rocky dome that lies at the center of several stony structures surrounding a circle. He places the Child on top of the stone and wonders if there is a way to activate the structure. Djarin uses his helmet scanner to scan for any controls. Grogu plays with a butterfly. While Djarin wonders how to get the Child to activate the structure, he sights a starship circling them which turns out to be the Slave I, Boba Fett's starship.

As the Slave I lands in a nearby clearing, Djarin tells Grogu that they have to get out of here. The hooded man removes his hood, revealing himself as the bald Boba Fett. Fett tells Djarin that he is here for his armor. Thinking that Fett is referring to his armor, Din tells him that he will have to peel it off his dead body. Fett clarifies that he is not after Djarin's armor but his armor that he got from Cobb Vanth back on Tatooine. Fett says it belongs to him. Djarin asks if he is Mandalorian. When Djarin asks what is to stop him from shooting him down, Fett replies that he has a sharpshooter on the ridge with a locked scope that will unload by the time his body hits the ground. Djarin counters that he is wearing beskar and threatens to kill Fett and his companion. Fett clarifies that his friend has locked onto to the Child, who is on the henge. Fennec Shand identifies herself as the sniper, reminding Djarin that she does not miss.

Just then, a third starship circles nearby and the three scatter. Djarin runs back to Grogu, who is immersed in the force field which rises up. Djarin tries to force his way inside the force field but is thrown back by the bubble. Meanwhile, Fett and Shand take up position in a rock near the shuttle. Several stormtroopers emerge from the shuttle and come under fire from Fett and Shand, who manage to shoot a few down. As the stormtrooper commander orders his men to disperse, Fett signals for Shand to split up. Several stormtroopers close in on Shand but she takes them out with her blaster. However, she is outnumbered and soon surrounded by more reinforcements. The stormtroopers tell her that they are not after her but the Child.

Just then, Djarin arrives and uses his whistling birds to take out several stormtroopers. He and Shand join forces to fight the stormtroopers. Djarin offers Shand to make amends for the last time if they get out of here alive. Shand accepts his offer and the two fight against the advancing stormtroopers. As the skirmish rages, Boba Fett arrives in his reclaimed armor and jetpack and uses a grenade to take out and disorientate more stormtroopers. He takes several down with his blaster and in hand to hand combat. The remaining stormtroopers retreat aboard their ships, which depart...


50733073251_0fe10b368f_z.jpgLEGO STAR WARS THE MANDALORIAN Season 2 - Assault on Tython by KevFett2011, auf Flickr

50733073346_138741f287_z.jpgLEGO STAR WARS THE MANDALORIAN Season 2 - Assault on Tython by KevFett2011, auf Flickr

50733171317_591e8afc9a_z.jpgLEGO STAR WARS THE MANDALORIAN Season 2 - Assault on Tython by KevFett2011, auf Flickr

Chapter 14 was so fraking awesome with the comeback of Boba Fett, so I had to build a creation on Tython with combat scenes. The creation shows exactly that, Mando, Fennec and Boba fighting togehter against some stormtroopers in the landscape of Tython. I hope you enjoy my small creation again and of course I would be pleased to get your feedback in the comments below.

Greetings Kevin

Here is my MOC SHOWCASE video on YouTube:

LEGO STAR WARS THE MANDALORIAN Season 2 - Assault on Tython MOC by KevFett2011 - YouTube



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Shouldn't Din's jetpack be sitting against a rock off to the side? :P

Awesome build. I'm so sad we're a year out from more Mando.

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