Settlement: Nouveau Oleandia, île Dionysus, Oleon

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Name: Nouveau Oleandia, City of Light

Ownership: Nation of Oleon

Location: île Dionysus, Crocodile Island

Mayor: Emile Perrault

Who can own property in Nouveau Oleandia: Anyone

Who can freebuild in Nouveau Oleandia: Anyone



Geographical Features: A long, thin island situated in-between the larger island of ‘Arlintina’ and the ‘Lowers’ archipelago, this island is dominated by a central mountain range. A number of medium to large size natural harbours exist, mostly on the western shoreline. Numerous streams and inlets flow into the ocean from the central range and much of the island is covered in jungle. The eastern shoreline is dominated by thick mangroves and swamps.

Rumours: Several native tribes inhabit the northern part of the island although the southern end is mostly abandoned due to constant raiding from nearby islands. Large numbers of freshwater crocodiles of several different species are said to inhabit the swamps and waterways of this island.

A New Home, a New Town | Small residence

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Croc Fishin, Medium Artisan as micro prize for Oktoberfest. Don't forget this island has an island bonus: 

Île Dionysus

crocodile and  leather working

plantation, artisan, factory




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