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MOC: Elsa's Ice Palace

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I have wanted to build an Ice Palace since the very first time I watched Frozen in the Cinema. For years I sketched and planned, figuring out what I wanted my version to look like, how big I wanted to build it, what I would need to create it. I have pages of sketches and ideas, files of research and pictures. Brickworld Virtual Holiday was the motivation that got me building. 


Knowing for a long time that I wanted to build my own Ice Palace, I started to gather parts as soon as Frozen sets arrived in shops. I have purchased two of the first version of Elsa's Ice palace, one copy of the second version of Elsa's Ice Palace and, what was a nice surprise, two copies of The LEGO Movie 2 Sparkle Shine Spa. These sets supplied the bulk of what parts I used in the creation of the Ice Palace. I made a special purchase of the doors and the two blue turret roof elements, as I certainly wanted to include them.


Hopefully from these two side elevations, you can see the symmetry I wished to include. The principal I designed from is the 6 lines of symmetry that a Snowflake has. I forgave myself one line as there were not going to be two front doors and balconies in this build! The build also opens up to allow some play to the palace. 


The back of the palace is not as detailed as the front, I tried to make it interesting to see, mainly as the large number of transparent parts meant there was a chance to see so much of it. Things had to look pretty to fit into the build!


Now for the interior. The staircase was important to put in for my idea, it did feature in the film and has not really looked right in any of the sets. I put in the chandelier too, of course. To dress things up and make it look nicer I popped some torches and furnishing in. 

50711705461_be0e645d55_w.jpg 50711705656_57b7776713_w.jpg

Here are some close-ups of the stairs and chandelier. The chandelier uses five of the snowflake elements. 

Now, on to the North Mountain!


Olaf and a snowgie are chilling with some snowman friends. Two of them are built from the original Olaf design, before a minifig version was created for the Frozen 2 sets. The snowman with the cool hair-do is a nod to the fact I used a lot of two Sparkle Shine Spa sets to create this palace!


Anna, Kristoff and Sven are having fun in the snow. Of course you need all three to be around in a Frozen MOC!


Marshmallow the snow golem is also my attempt at making a better scaled version than what came in a set. Essentially, I took the face off the official version from LEGO, and then built a nice tall body. The arms and legs are on cup/ball joint plates, the head and waist are jumper plates to allow swivel. I have put claws on the hand that is holding the snowgie, but as he can retract the icy claws, the other hand is bare.


Finally, a better view of the bridge. I am glad I grabbed white flex tubes when I was in LEGOLand Germany! I want to improve the mountain plateau part of this build, mainly adding some height to the palace space so I can make the bridge closer to the film. It will also give me a chance to flex the tubes into a new shape: I might use the wire insert method, but I am also a fan of making a "jig" from techinc to put a curve into tubing. Who know, one day I will be able to display in person again and I will make some changes.

As an extra note: Though the effect does not show in photos very well: I put the iridescent 1x1 round tiles around the snowy areas, in person it adds a sparkle/shimmer to the otherwise flat white space.

Finally: A Link to the Flickr Album to see all the photos at any size.

I hope you enjoy my MOC, I had a good time building it.


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Really nice work here.  I like the interior, the steps look nice.  The chandelier looks great.  The bridge outside is a nice detail.  Throwing the snowgies in the snow ball fight looks fun.  You did an excellent job all that research paid off in my opinion.  

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Thank you for the kind comments. :classic: While it was a long time in the planning, I am glad I finally actually sat down and built it. It was satisfying to create something I put a lot of though into and while some sections were a challenge, the overall result is exactly what I was aiming to create.

It had a good reception on display over Zoom and also on my Instagram. I just really do hope I can show it off in person one day, as too much gets lost when taking a photo. Considering it was a last minute addition, the shimmer tiles really do look nice on the snow and the camera can never capture the sparkle of a transparent-glitter element. 

Again, thanks all.

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