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Mister Phes

[MOC] "Big Orra" by SuperSick - Ship - BSB Upgrade

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"Big Orra" by SuperSick

Lindsay burst onto the LEGO Pirates scene with this upgraded Black Seas Barracuda.

He says: "Her sails are full, her hull is sleek and she lives up to her Barracuda name. She carries 16 main cannons on her gun deck, another 6 lighter shot on her weather and quarter decks and 2 bow chasers for a total of 24 guns."

Builder's Instagram










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Thats quite a sleeky version of the barracuda, nice. Besides the cannons and sails it could be made out of two sets? Havent build mine so i am not sure about it... What do the crowd think? The small sails on top of the masts are self made or which set is the origin? Or from one of the sail-replacement-retailers on ebay?

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