SW Microfighters Series 8

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I can't understand how a company who's core ideology is having an imagination, is actually vomiting out a third Millennium Falcon for a Microfighter.

Not only that, but decided to give us without Lando from ROTJ? Why?

How many vehicles could they have done? Let's see for starters.... the big ones missing after years.

1) Jawa Sand Crawler

2) Luke's Speeder

3) Palp's Shuttle

4) Boba's Slave 1

5) Anakin's Pod Racer

6) Vader's Tie


I mean, if they HAD to go with the damned Falcon again to drain every ounce of nostalgia from the fans, then why not give us the 'Solo' Falcon with the Escape Pod?


Come on Lego.... Use your imagination!

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I agree. But you forgot:

Sith TIE Fighter

Venator-Class Star Destroyer

Republic Frigate


Republic Shuttle





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I sympathise, it’s certainly frustrating to get all these repeated sets, but when you see the rate Lego discontinue old sets their strategy makes sense. We’ve had about a billion X-Wings, one is retired before the next is released, and half a billion Falcons but similarly, only one available at a time (excluding the UCS set). For kids who are getting their first Star Wars sets in 2021 there’s pretty good availability of iconic ships, so I’m pleased that we have another Falcon, my 5 year old daughters can have one! My only complaint is the number of vehicles in the series, I’d prefer 6 individual sets rather than the 1 and 1 double, if nothing else that ensures each set is equally cheap.

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