[COR-FB] Merrymas Letters

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While General Brickleton (Captain Brickleton's father) has been retired from the Corrington Armed Forces for a few years, he still reports for duty every December.

After getting set up on the 3rd floor of the northeast tower of the Headquarters of the Armed Forces in the Corlander capital of Belson, he opens and responds to Merrymas letters from the children of servicemen and women currently abroad.

Lieutenant Steeling brings in bags of letters the children have sent to the powers that be, and Brickleton does his best to grant their Merrymas wishes.

With a sizeable fortune at his disposal, the retired general often sends attendants off on errands to purchase gifts.





Process Photos





OOC: Curved wall technique from Isaac. Thanks to @CapOnBOBS for the idea for dark brown / reddish brown furniture.

Reposted a few days after first posting in The BotBS Advent Calendar 2020 thread as I wanted to submit it as a free build as well. :pir-grin:

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Great interior scene - you are killing these little scenes lately! Like others have pointed out, the curve in the wall really makes this build pop - the colour combinations are amazing as well! Great job!

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