[COR-FB] Some Port and Stargazing

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After learning of the Onondaga's myths and constellations, Captain Brickleton wrote a note to Elsabeth Stockton detailing the encounter with the medicine man. He arranged for his father, retired General Brickleton, to purchase and deliver a telescope and bottle of port to her family's country retreat outside of Belson.

Elsabeth's servant helped her set up the telescope on one of the 7th floor balconies high above the estate's tree tops. From there, she followed Captain Brickleton's notes to find the Onondaga constellations. She enjoyed some port in the night air, and then retired indoors to begin a long letter in reply.


OOC: I wanted to try a vignette build where there was a rooftop high up above some trees, and you could only see the treetops. Not sure I pulled it off, but was fun to build.

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That's an ingenious idea with the tree-tops perspective, and I think you've managed it quite well!  That lengthy telescope and the footman's attire are great as well, and like the Professor, I'm liking those windows too! :thumbup:

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