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I was just starting to behave with my money when I joined EB. I partied all my life to the age of 23, where I began to work and treasure my self away from being a mock-avenger. I've gotten through the 10K{$} threshold only because I had to quest my virtue to get a debit card with my high school on it. Ready for college now, and well "Viper" Knight was a gambit. Please change just the first word of my name. Grom Knight will do best.

With also having done the vorascious effort of making all my namesakes viper-this, viper-that, it's really amazing how studying heraldry can straighten out a man. Page, Squire, Knight, Poland became a kingdom that didnt panic-into-being-an-empire but held the faith of God. I too have begun a shield-of-arms to return to my noble country. So I saved my snake, my personal badge to just PvP games. Here it's best to not fathom primeval and instead knight.

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If you really want to change your name, I am pretty sure you can change it yourself (once every year or x amount of days) from your account settings (somewhere). Any more extra times you want to change your name you would have to get one of the moderating staff involved. 

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