FourBarQuad525 - Speed gaiting

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FourBarQuad525 is a quadruped that weighs 525g.

Unlike my previous quadruped, https://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?/forums/topic/181228-fourbarquad550-light-and-speed-quadruped/, it is equipped with the MG92B servo which has a torque of 3.5kg.cm against 2.2kg.cm for the MG90S.
This allowed me to increase the size of the femur, the rudder, by 8mm, or 1L (Lego unit). It may seem ridiculous, but on this scale, it is not negligible.
In this video, I show that this quadruped goes at a speed of 15s for 8m, or less than 20s for 10m.

For comparison, the last TRR (Toulouse Robot Race), I have prevailed with over 40s to 10m.

I think less than 10s for 10m is accessible, but with faster servos. Because there, from a programming point of view, I can go much faster, but the servo does not have time to reach the setpoint.



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