[K11 - Odik II - TT] TIE/D vs A-9 Vigilance Interceptor

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Sir, we detected a small group of fighters in the orbit of Odik II. It seems that they are Pyerce´s ships. What are your orders, Sir? Shall I send a squad to interfere?

No, our fleet is to far away to get there in time. But it is an excellent opportunity to test the new TIE Droid Fighter. Inform Admiral Val, she will take care of the traitors.

Yes, Sir!


TIE/D automated starfighter:


A-9 Vigilance interceptor:



Just a small MOC. I always wanted to build a TIE Droid fighter and i love the Versus-Sets from 2003. So the best chance to get both done.



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Neat little ships. I think your photo could benefit from more light so that it's less grainy. And I think you should back the camera up a little and zoom in more. That will help with the focusing issues.

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