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[WIP] Renault 5 turbo rally (WIP V2.0)

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4 years ago I started to build this car model


It finished in this stage for this scale


It finished in some different scale

Main issue was rear tire-wheel combination for that larger scale. I tried to put some larger tire on another tire, but I was not really satisfied with this idea.

But now Lego has made new tires, right for this scale car


So, I'm planning to restart that build. Yes, those rear tires are slightly larger than front, but that is just what it is also on real car.

This will be long build, as I'm pretty busy with work and child teaching.


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43 minutes ago, I_Igor said:

important is to finish it one day

I have already worked on some models, which needed some 2 years, so not first time :) Of course, I will try to finish it.

17 minutes ago, Zerobricks said:

great wheel choice

Now there is really good match. I tried some low tire in rear, it looked awfull.

OK, there is some progress.

Needed 23L wide axle for rear. Standard way it is 24, with turntables as hubs, it is those 23 studs wide. In this case I can only attach wheels one way. Otherway some 1/4 of pins are not inside pinholes of rim. But that otherside would look better for this model.


I've had built this some time ago, it is also somewhere in axle collection thread. That was built with CV joints only, and that limits noticeably suspension travel (it touches turntable axlehole part), as it is on right side.

If u-joint is used on wheel side, then there is much more travel possible. This model doesn't require so much suspension travel, bat I used it anyway.

Then there is rear axle with sway bar


Also front axle has sway bar and "interesting" geometry, but it is really OK.


And then both axles connected together


Next I plan to install engine. Also would like to have some 4 speed gearbox. On original car gearbox is behind axle, engine is before. As rear overhang is really short, I won't fit there gearbox. But who knows. I have some ideas, but then it could be not logitudal. Most probably gearbox will be also in front of axle, under engine.

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1 hour ago, Zerobricks said:

Why are you using turntables instead of normal hubs at the rear axle?

Really unusual and I think for manual model ordinary different is enough...

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