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[OL - FB mini prize OKT] Rice Plantation

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Down South in New Haven, on the island of El Oleonda is the little outpost of Fort Arltrees. In the wake of the battle for El Oleonda, "Lieutenant Dubois, the local governor, had initially some doubts about allowing the Lotii refugees to permanently settle in Fort Arltrees... but, after all, that had never been his own war, nor a war of his nation. If they wanted -or needed- a new start, as the other colonists, they would've been welcome." And thus the little town began to grow as a place where those from without could come within to enjoy the King's Peace and all the true civilization had to offer. Shortly there after, the hamlet became known for a special beverage, and the "Vin de riz" brewery was established. New Haven's residents had developed quite a reputation across the Brick Seas as had been so clearly demonstrated with the recent month long Punto Sur Oktoberfest Celebration. 

Well as the unique beverage has grown in popularity and Lotii refugees continue to seek all that the Empire has to offer, it was no surprise when a the Lotii's traditional system for cultivating rice arrived in Fort Arltrees. 



As it turns out, these odd specimens build up earthen walls that dam up creeks that would otherwise flow down the hills of El Oleonda. These earthen walls form flat tiers that step down the hillside and then each tier is flooded with water. 


Through this fascinating technique, the Lotii turn the otherwise steep slopes, poorly suited for more common crops, into muddy pools that are remarkably suited for the little rice plant. 


Though this medium plantation is not directly affiliated with the brewery, there has certainly been no shortage of demand for the rice being produced in the developing little settlement. 


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Very nice, and thanks for the nod to my brewery! :pir-classic: This micro plantation is very original and very appropriate for our new settlement. Please also add a link in the settlement thread, specifying if it’s already licensed (by you or by the settlement account)

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