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[OL-Troop] A Little Marksmanship Practice in Astrapi

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New recruits of the Garde de Grenadiers du 1er Régiment (1st Regt Grenadier Guards) conducting marksmanship training. 


No expense is being spared by the crown in ensuring that all the Empire's loyal troops will head into battle prepared. 


Even General Latrobe of the Astrapi defenses has come out on this fine day to enjoy some good ole' army training. 


The beaches just outside of Astrapi provide and excellent spot to train the new recruits. The breeze rolling in, the waves lapping at the coastline, the wide open sea to ensure no stray rounds cause any trouble. 


Although, the General was curious as to where the young officer in charge had found the afternoon's targets. 


"Train like you fight, General!" appeared to be a satisfactory response for the General. "Train like you fight indeed!" he said pulling his mount back towards the town, "Well then, carry on Gentlemen, carry on"


Recruiting and training continue around the clock throughout the Empire. Though the council has plans for these brave and eager patriots, they have not yet been disseminated to this level. Certainly, the number of troops raised in Astrapi and their destination should be kept secret from the treacherous red coats. 



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We'll make them bleed on the beach, those redcoats, if they dare to set foot on one of our settlements.

Nice shooting range.

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Great job with the grass details and the details on the sand!

Also excellent photography!

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Well, I guess Oleonese soldiers just need the practice. Reports from the front suggest they could not hit the broad side of a barn if they tried. So I consider those red coats safe from harm. :pir-tongue:


Nice and effective build there. I agree with the in-and-out-of-focus shots being well done. Overall good work! :thumbup:

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