Phase 3 Sign Ups - NOW OPEN!

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So you've decided to finally take the plunge and join us? Phase 3 is going to be a great and new experience for players from prior versions and those just deciding to try it out for the first time. 

There are three different organizations you can sign up for:


Peace Securing International Coalition- (PSIC) - Coalition of Allied Nations that recently waged a humanitarian relief effort in a neighboring country. Called upon by the international community to help deescalate the region and return it to peace. PSIC nations also see an opening in Soalon to not only institute a newly formed democracy, but to also exploit several of the countries resources and wealth. 


Kriviyat League of Republics- (KLR) - A collective of socialist nation states looking to spread influence throughout the world by one ideological shift at a time. With Soalon right on the border of two of its members' states, the KLR sees Soalon as ripe for the taking. For years they have had everything from deeply embedded spies in the Government, to corrupt officials on their payroll. Their influence in region is easily recognizable, but not welcomed by the population. 


The Brotherhood of Soalon- (BS)- after the collapse of the Soalon Government, those with any level of influence began to fend for themselves. Very rapidly, powerful figures in the country realized they would need to prepare to defend themselves from invaders as opposed to fighting one another. An underground was formed between the key figures of big crime syndicates and religious extremists. The group extorted businesses on all levels to join the fold and it is largely believed the once booming economy of Soalon is at a finger's reach for the Brotherhood's network. 

*Note* The pictures used above or purely for a rough form of reference. You do NOT have to make your builds exactly the same as shown in the pictures. These factions are open to interpretation within reason. 

Each side will have it's own advantages and disadvantages when the game is underway, but we are electing not to post that during the sign up period as we want players to choose sides based on what they like to build and not purely for an edge in the game.  

There is a 4th option that is available to players on a limited basis who are looking to play a little bit more casually and leisurely. *NOTE* Players who sign up for this option will be limited not only in the types of builds that they can do, but also in options that become available to them in the game. If you are interested in this option, please send me a PM. 

Once you've decided on your side, you will need to make a post in this thread with the following:

declare your side to the world

a picture of your sigfig- this character will follow you throughout your adventure in the next part of the game. Though your fig does not need to be in every build, it should be prominently integrated in what you're doing. 

a backstory regarding your fig. With the exception of the Brotherhood, the other two organizations are basically alliances of multiple nations. You have the choice to explain the nation you are representing if you choose and also to provide some information about that nation. Players coming back from previous rounds of the game may elect to use their old countries if they'd like (though it will not be directly impacting the game). Just be sure to look out for other players who may have shared that nation in the past to ensure it is not being used twice. 

Rules and Gameplay guidelines will follow soon. 

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Yes, We're doing something a little different this time. Each side has it's own private planning subsection. Once people start signing up and we get a few people from each side, we'll start putting people in their sections so they can talk, plan, etc. 

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