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The Havoc is the pirate Nym's Scurrg H-6 Bomber from the old Starfighter games on PS2 and Xbox.
I've posted a couple of earlier models since 2018 and this is the final version of this ship - of which I am now happy to present building instructions for those who wish to include this powerful craft in their Lego collection - there are 1320 pieces required, most of which are very common parts.
I've gathered as much data as possible about the ship and included every specification and detail that I could possibly find, so that the ship features stations for 2 astromech droid co-pilots, seating for 3 passengers, guns galore including a rotating roof turret, retractable landing gear and an energy-bomb dropper within the undercarriage.
Thanks for looking and I hope you like my build!
PDF instructions available from Rebrickable:
Havoc front pageThe HavocThe HavocThe HavocThe HavocThe HavocThe HavocThe HavocThe Havoc16The Havoc

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I didn't know that this ship could exist, but what a beautiful construction!

The interior design is very interesting, giving a full playable possibility... nice!

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Wow... the interior details are amazing!

The shaping is beautiful too.

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