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For submission to the Glory of Corrington - Oaken Shield - Sloops for the Royal Navy


Commander McBlock congratulates newly minted Midshipman Studson on passing his exams. He'll be able to join the crew of HMS Silverthorne


Members of the admiralty arrive to see the HMS Silverthorne off on her maiden voyage. Midshipman Studson is quite nervous.


The marine sentries have learned to not lock their knees - they'd pass out from the long hours on guard duty otherwise.


The members of the admiralty admire the size of the new sloop - they think that Corrington may need to roll out a few dozen more in the coming months.


Once at sea, Marine Major Tileson tells Lieutenant Sloping the tale of when he led a raid on an Oleon semaphore signaling tower.


Commander McBlock takes a moment to savor his first command.


Seaman Crockett heads up the rigging so they can make way


The crew of the HMS Silverthorne is ready to put the new ship through her paces


HMS Silverthorne is offered for license to Corrington Royal Navy

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10 hours ago, Brickander Brickumnus said:

This looks a lot like the ZHEGAO QL1800.


Hey good find, @Brickander Brickumnus!

I got the idea to use ladders as fences in the bow from that picture rather than curved slopes like on the official Imperial Flagship. I liked the idea of the angular wedge plates on top of the classic bow piece, and am saving my curved slopes for a bigger ship that is in the works :bonaparte:

There are so many cool sloops on these forums that use custom hulls, but I wanted to use classic hulls. I googled "Lego Pirate Ship" and found that picture. I was inspired to use wood logs on the side and deck fence ornaments from the image. Ended up going with white and red accents instead of the black across the board though. Luckily, I had a ton of pearl gold elements on hand from the Gerald of Belson's build.

Bregir helped me design a nice tall 3-spar main mast for the brick built sails.

A redcoat ship of the line I am working on now will be mostly white (white hulls, accents) based on mix of La Grenouille and Imperial Flagship




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On 11/30/2020 at 7:18 AM, Brickander Brickumnus said:

Actually, I own it and I'm very satisfied with it.

Cool - got any pics @Brickander Brickumnus? In the picture you shared it looks like both bluecoats and redcoats are fighting some pirates on board. Who'd you crew her with?

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:thumbup: from me. A nice rendition of this ship and great posing and scene photos. I like the way you tell the story, in addition to the build. 

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