For submission to the Glory of Corrington - Oaken Shield - Sloops for the Royal Navy Commander McBlock congratulates newly minted Midshipman Studson on passing his exams. He'll be able to join the crew of HMS Silverthorne Members of the admiralty arrive to see the HMS Silverthorne off on her maiden voyage. Midshipman Studson is quite nervous. The marine sentries have learned to not lock their knees - they'd pass out from the long hours on guard duty otherwise. The members of the admiralty admire the size of the new sloop - they think that Corrington may need to roll out a few dozen more in the coming months. Once at sea, Marine Major Tileson tells Lieutenant Sloping the tale of when he led a raid on an Oleon semaphore signaling tower. Commander McBlock takes a moment to savor his first command. Seaman Crockett heads up the rigging so they can make way The crew of the HMS Silverthorne is ready to put the new ship through her paces HMS Silverthorne is offered for license to Corrington Royal Navy